Startup company meetingBusiness is changing: more people work from home; team members work from different offices or locations; flex time means employees are not always in the office at the same time; travel is expensive; people may not be around when you need to ask them a question.

Yet research has shown that strong and effective workplace communication is a proven driver of a company’s productivity and efficiency. How can a business support a flexible and diverse work environment and foster a strong culture of communication and sharing?

A productive business today requires clear communication so employees can work as one. When your people know their job, what other team members are doing, and when they get fast accurate answers to important questions, you business is empowered for success in today’s world. Creative work

Time wasted in scheduling meetings, finding misplaced documents, trying to track down a team member, or searching for a lost email all take time away from productive work.

Our Digital Workspace Solution (DWS) contains the basic features that most businesses require and it costs only pennies a day per user in your company. Download our whitepaper for more details.

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A Bespoke Travel Agency

I started working with Daryle of Atlas Solutions in January 2019 when we discussed the big pain point in my business-—how to have everyone on my team be able to access the documents using real time updates from any location in a safe and digitally encrypted manner. If that sounds like a tall order, it is.

Daryle began by discussing the benefits of using G Suite to merge my accounts and create a more streamlined system. At first the idea of changing all my accounts to Google seemed to be ill advised. I was worried about what would happen to my actual emails (like or and didn’t want to have to create a new email account. In reality, when you start paying for your email (I’ve always used free accounts) you can link them to the G Suite account and just like magic, all your files are merged and no new email accounts need to be created. We then merged the G Suite account with my G Drive (the cloud where I store my encrypted files) and now I can add different devices and computers to my G drives ensuring everyone on the team has access to the latest documents in the cloud. In addition, a large part of my business is done internationally so Daryle ensured I met all the requirements for the cyber-security policy I purchased through my insurance broker. This involves encrypting my laptop in the event it it ever stolen so that I can travel and not worry about client data.
Daryle took the time to make sure he delivered on what he promised and has created a cohesive computer system that I don’t need to think about; it just works. And in those rare occasions it doesn’t work, I call Daryle and he remote accesses my computer, fixing the problems so I’m back to work with little downtime.
In an era where business is online, having a platform that decreases your workload by avoiding duplication work but still protects your data is key. Thank you Daryle for showing me how to operate in a more efficient company using the technologies we have access to.

Chantelle Bielak

A Custom Playground Design and Installation Firm

As the owner of Peak Play Consulting Corp, a small business with clients across Western Canada, I use Microsoft Windows, iPhones, and tablets for work and communications with customers and contractors. It is important that I am able to communicate-—whether at the office, from home, or on the road.

Since I invited Atlas Solutions to take over the management of my IT systems and devices, I can now focus on meeting the needs of my clients instead of struggling to manage technology. As a result, Peak Play consulting can be more responsive and proactive in meeting the needs of our clients.

I would recommend Atlas to any small or medium business looking to hand off its technology challenges so that it can focus its time and energy on its core business and the needs of its clients. Daryle’s personable yet inquisitive way of approaching my business needs offered relevant solutions that are already serving me well.

PeakPlayTrevor Zahara
Peak Play Consulting Corp

A Goverment Lobby and Public Relations Firm

As a team of government relations and lobbying consultants, we can be working from home, our office or on the road and our clients can be located anywhere. We depend on the ability to communicate quickly, confidently, and reliably with our other associates and our clients. The communication suite provided by Atlas Solutions exactly meets our needs. We can book appointments, share documents, and allow our clients to approve our plans and work.
Atlas Solutions has also provided us with a robust, reliable website that conveys the quality of service and presentation for which we are known.
I would recommend Atlas Solutions to any small or medium sized business looking to provide a safe, secure, mobile environment for their team members while providing a high level of customer service and satisfaction to their clients.
Heather Mackenzie ConsultingHeather Mackenzie, Principal
Heather Mackenzie Consulting

Digital Workspace Solution

Our Digital Workspace Solution (DWS) contains the basic features that most businesses require and costs pennies a day per user. Your company can become more productive, responsive, and customer focused by improving both internal and client communications. Our DWS is also an excellent option for organizations who are looking to empower their teams and grow their business. Download our whitepaper for more details, or contact us for help making technology empower your business.

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