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In the early days, your Antivirus software would download a catalog of viruses and bugs and then carefully scan each file on your computer looking for patterns that matched any entry in the catalog. It could take hours. And if it found a match, it would lock up the matched file and tell you about it. That was about all it could do.

For some Antivirus products, that’s still all they can do.

Unfortunately, hackers are always improvising. The latest threat is polymorphic malware. “Polymorphic” means, “Occurring in different forms.” Much like a jigsaw puzzle, each malware package is a bit different from the rest so that a pure catalog match won’t work. By some counts, 94% of all malware is now polymorphic.

An Antivirus Solution That Handles Modern Threats

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That’s why Atlas chose SecureAnywhere by Webroot as its preferred antivirus package for our clients. Webroot partners a small agent on the computer with a cloud based analytic engine. The agent looks for known “bad behaviour” and stops it when it finds it. It also regularly scans for very common malware instances. But if the agent notices something that is suspicious but the agent can’t define it as a threat, it uploads the suspect file to its Global Intelligence Network. The network analyzes the file’s behaviour and compares it to other recent threats.

If it is a threat, Webroot rolls back all the actions that the suspicious file performed and restores your system to its pre-exposure condition. PC Magazine tied it for top choice in its annual antivirus review.

Not only do you know that your system has been protected, but Atlas is also informed of the attack and can help you clean it up–if necessary.

And all for $36/year/computer, probably close to what you’re paying today for your existing antivirus software. (You do have antivirus software on your computers, don’t you?)

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