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Datto Backup Appliances

Your data is important to your business. How are you protecting it?

Files do get lost; hardware fails; backups get corrupted. Atlas through its partnership with Datto has solutions to manage these risks. Datto’s backup appliances can backup any amount of data locally—and as often as every 5 minutes.

It also copies these backups to the cloud in case your premises are unavailable to you through flood, civil action, pandemic, fire, or theft. And your data can be “spun up” on a “virtual server” in case so your team can keep working even while replacement computers are on order.

Because it’s hard to predict the future or when a business interruption will happen, we’ve prepared the following calculator to help you understand the important of your data to your business—or perhaps more importantly, the cost of not having that data in the event of a disaster.

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    Or Use Our Recovery Calculator

    The cost of a technology outage can cripple a business.

    A Recovery Time & Downtime Cost Calculator below focuses on a handful of simple metrics that might come into play during a downtime event, and starts a general analysis of what an outage could mean to your business. The results of this calculator are meant to help estimate loss, and does not calculate actual loss.

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