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sen·ti·nel (sent´ (ə) nəl)noun 1. a soldier or guard whose job is to stand and keep watch. 2. a thing that acts as an indicator of the presence of disease.

Computers make life so much easier, but what does it cost your business if yours fail? We get it; you’re busy. Maybe you don’t have the time, knowledge or attention to keep your computers maintained. Keeping your eye on your own business and customers is a full-time job for anyone. Who has time to make sure their computer systems are patched, anti-virus is running, and your hard drive is optimized?

Computers often give off warning signs before they have problems. That’s where Atlas Solutions can help. We call our service “Sentinel” because it continually and regularly monitors and supports our customer’s PC and Mac devices. We check the health of your computer and we can fix problems quickly and easily—so you can focus on your business. We often do this remotely without ever having to book a visit or ask you to step away from your machine.

We do this by installing a small “agent software” package in each computer. This agent watches for unusual or suspicious activity on the computer that can indicate malware or an impending hardware or software failure. By listening for your computer to “tell us” of a small problem, we often prevent big problems from impacting your business.

As long as your computer is powered on and running, we can remotely access it to analyze or address any problems. Our package levels allow you to balance your risk tolerance with your budget. This allows you to rest easier knowing that one more part of your business is being professionally managed.

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    How many computers (Windows, Macintosh, or Linux) including desktops and servers do you need to manage (required):
    Just 12-56-1011-2021 or more

    Do you have Antivirus software installed on your machines?

    How often do you check that your operating systems are fully patched (and your machine restarted if required)?
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    Workplace and Team ProductivityWiFi Networks and FirewallsBusiness Continuity SolutionsIT and Management Consulting

    About Security

    Atlas treats your data very seriously. We avoid accessing any personal or business data from your computers and never without your knowledge and consent. We protect the data we do access using “best of breed” encryption standards and “2 Factor Authentication” (2FA). 2FA means that our technicians need to authenticate themselves using two key pieces of information to our systems before they can access yours. Any data we have from your business is encrypted and password protected.

    End Notes

    [1] For software packages managed using Chocolatey.
    [2] For software packages managed using the MacOS App Store.
    [3] The cybersecurity bundle must be purchased for all computers and users in an entire work or office location.
    [4] Atlas has a minimum monthly invoice per customer account. Any subscriptions or services from Atlas count towards this minimum. In addition to our Sentinel Service, customers can also subscribe to our Digital Workspace Solutions, Networking Products, and VoIP Communications systems.
    [5] Reports will be sent to clients monthly.

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