Let Us Build a Network for Your Business

We have the “best of breed” products when it comes to firewalls, wireless access points, managed switches, and edge routers. Network downtime is business downtime. The reliability and “uptime” of your network is important to us. Our products are monitored in real time to make sure that we’re on top of any problem as soon as they happen–and usually before our customers notice. Best of all, we pay for your network hardware so there’s no up front cost to you–and no surprises. You only have a reliable, consistent, boring monthly bill.

Human networkStill relying on your internet provider to set up and manage your networking? It may be cheap but it’s no way to ensure that you have a safe reliable network that will keep the bad guys out and your team working at their best.

The firewall provided by your telephone or cable company locks the door to big, burly, brute force hackers, but it doesn’t protect you from the more cunning attempts of the modern intruder.

Whether you’re connecting 2 or 2,000 devices and machines, Atlas can protect your data and network with our real-time monitoring and intrusion detection–all for a fixed monthly price. To find out more, request our networking information kit now.

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    Imagine that you don’t have any lock on your front door. How long would your home be safe? Our firewalls use Unified Threat Management software to look for known patterns in how hackers try to access your business over the internet. When things smell fishy, they usually are. UTM identifies the threats and breaks up the attack.

    Wireless Access Points

    Who can live without WiFi these days? Our access points can handle from 1 to 150 concurrent devices each–and we can mesh them together so that no matter how big your office, hall, or auditorium, we’ve got you all covered with a strong signal. Need multiple WiFi networks for your staff to securely share files and for your guests to only surf the net from the waiting room? That’s no problem either. Our access points can support up to 4 different wireless networks across your entire building.


    Switches are the backbone of any network. They connect physical devices like access points, printers, servers and desktop computers to your internet connection. Ours are monitored 24×7 and we have some good analytics of how people are using your network so that we can proactively manage your network and your internet bill.

    Edge Routers

    Let’s say that your business can’t tolerate any amount of network downtime. Maybe you’re a daytrader who needs to know what the TSE, NASDAQ, or Dow Jones is doing at all times. Maybe you’re a restaurant that needs to take credit card transactions but you’re internet connection is flaky. Our edge routers automatically switches to a cellphone signal when your regular internet provider goes down. No downtime to your network means no downtime to your business.

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