What You Need to Know to Secure Your Data

What is Cybersecurity?

Simply put, it’s keeping your computer systems and data “secure.”

Secure computer systems have three qualities:

  1. Confidentiality: Only people who are authorized to access data can access the data.
  2. Integrity: That data that people see is correct and accurate. Data and systems are not modified without authorization.
  3. Availability: The data and systems are available for people to use when they need to use them.

Security breaches occur every day costing millions of dollars. Cybercrime costs the world’s economy around $8 Trillion USD, making it the world’s third largest economy if it was a country(1).

According to Business Magazine, even a small business can be hit by a data breach costing between $120,000 to $1.24 M USD. IBM reported in 2019 that the average cost of a data breach was $3.92 M USD (2).

By understanding what’s at stake, businesses can decide how much to spend to manage this risk. Cyber-insurance is part of the solution by transferring some of the costs of the risk. But insurance companies can’t prevent reputational loss, the full impact of business interruption, and lost data and productivity.

Understanding Risks

Every business is different. This is true when it comes to cybersecurity as well. For this reason, a cybersecurity plan should be tailored to your needs and not just copied from somewhere else.

Atlas has the experience to evaluate your risks and come up with a solution for you. In many cases, we actually saved our clients money by moving them to a more secure data posture (I know, it’s hard to believe. Ask us about it).

Some of our Products and Services

  • Endpoint Security-We represent industry leaders in protecting your workstations, laptops, tablets, and phones from being hacked, stolen, lost, or corrupted.
  • Firewalls-Firewalls are appliances that manage, secure, and control the entry points of your corporate network. They work with the router(s) provided by your Internet Providers to ensure that attacks can’t enter your network and confidential data can’t leave it.
  • Cloud Solutions-Atlas is a certified Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 reseller. Cloud solutions are the best, most cost-effective way of protecting and managing much of your critical data such as emails, documents, and contact lists. And we can even back up your cloud accounts to a second cloud for increased protection.
  • Backup Solutions for On-Premise Servers-Cloud doesn’t work for everyone. If you’re an engineering firm, a graphics design company, a health clinic, or an professional corporation, you might need to keep your data in your office. But what if your office is broken into, flooded, or burns down? We can protect you by backing up your data many times a day and making sure that a copy is stored off site at least every day.