Atlas Announces its New Firewall Offerings

Apr 20, 2022 | Cybersecurity, Network Firewalls, Security Products and Services | 0 comments

Protect Your Business with a FirewallWe looked long and hard at firewall options for our clients. Many were just too expensive to make sense for small and medium businesses. Many were more about hype than substance; if they had spent as much on their product as on their videos and marketing material, they might have had a chance.

In the end, we chose PfSense by Netgate.

Why PfSense?

  1. It’s open-source means the code is Netgate Family of Firewallsavailable to anyone to review. A community of programmers did just that. PfSense scored 99% in its audit.[1]
  2. Open-source means lower cost.
  3. Third party modules can be added for more features.
  4. PfSense generates reports and alerts that are sent directly to Atlas. This is part of our philosophy of proactively managing our clients’ technology instead of responding to crises.
  5. PfSense allows us to remotely manage devices securely. The less time we spend on the road, the more time we can support our clients.

Want to learn more about how firewalls can protect your business? Download our networking resource kit here. Or watch our 4:38 minute video explainer.

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