Is Your Cloud Data at Risk?

Apr 23, 2021 | Business Continuity, Digital Workspace, Risks, Security Products | 0 comments

SaaS Backup for Google and O365

There is a widespread misconception that data created and stored in Google Workspace does not need to be backed up. While Google certainly has you covered when it comes to any outages on their part, recovering data due to accidental or malicious deletion is your responsibility.
Data stored in cloud-based apps, like Google Workspace, is just as vulnerable as data stored on a simple backup disk. 
When it comes to data stored in the cloud:
  • Human error is the #1 cause of data loss.
  • Cloud vendors keep deleted data for limited retention periods (weeks).
  • Some cloud vendors charge additional fees for data recovery.
So, if you are storing data in any cloud-based apps, you need to know, your data could be at risk. Find out how to protect your business data in SaaS apps with a reliable cloud-to-cloud backup solution.

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