Webroot Earns AAA Rating from SE Labs

Jun 14, 2021 | Antivirus, Cyberattacks & Ransomware | 0 comments

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SE Labs is a UK Based independent testing company. Its mission is to help “advance the effectiveness of computer security through innovative, detailed and intelligence-led testing, run with integrity.”

In early 2021, SE Labs tested 9 “Small Business Endpoint Protection” products. Endpoint Protection products protect computers from malware. Webroot SecureAnywhere scored 98% in total accuracy, earning it a “AAA” rating, the top rating offered by SE Labs.

The SE Labs report was concerned only with preventing a malware attack. It did not take into account the impact of the software on a computer’s performance such as:

  • How big the installation package is and how long it takes to install?
  • How long it takes a computer to boot with the software installed?
  • CPU and memory usage and whether the software slows down the work you want the computer to do for you.
  • How long does it take to scan a downloaded file?

In a separate report completed by PassMark Software, the winner of the SE Labs report, Sophos Intercept X came out on the bottom. While it was marginally better in total accuracy in the SE Labs tests; it took up almost 2 Gb of installation space, and consumed over 3% of CPU cycles and 1 Gb of RAM even when idling. When performing a scan, When performing an on-demand scan, Sophos consumes 98% of CPU cycles and takes almost 2.5 minutes to complete.

Of the 9 products tested by PassMark, Webroot came out on top with an overall score of 83:

  • Installation took only 4 seconds.
  • It’s installation footprint was only 64 Mb.
  • It consumed 0.63% of CPU and 55 Mb of memory when idle.
  • When performing a system scan, it still only consumed 30% and 64% of memory. On-demand scans require an average of 60 seconds to complete.

So in real-life testing Webroot not only provides exceptional security, but it is also a very lean package. It does not bog down your machine while you’re trying to do productive work.

But don’t take our word for it. Download these reports yourself:


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