When the Gaming Gets Real

Apr 23, 2021 | Antivirus, Cybersecurity, Security Products and Services | 0 comments

Being a business services company, Atlas doesn’t serve a lot of gamers. But sometimes a working parent wants to protect all the computers in their home, not just theirs.

Sometimes those computers belong to gamers. And some gamers want to load software that gets around firewalls and other restrictions so they can enhance their gaming experience.

That’s where our story begins.

A teenage boy tried to download a package called MOSS. MOSS is advertised as software to prevent cheating and control fair-play among his competitors. Sounds like a good idea. What could go wrong?

MOSS does things like: takes random screen shots, stores key files, turns off antivirus software, and let’s other players verify your identity and look at your activity logs, screenshots, and other details. Clearly MOSS is not a secure piece of software.

Webroot monitored the software for 1 minute and 24 seconds before realizing it was up to no good and shut it down. So in this happy ending, nothing went wrong.

Webroot first encountered this particular version of the software “in the wild” less than a month ago, on March 16, 2021 when it was installed by some other user somewhere in the world. What’s even more amazing is that Webroot has only seen 40 computers with this particular file since it was first identified. According to Joe’s Sandbox, only 4% of virus software have been able to identify this particular threat, making Webroot a good package to have.

If you want to learn more about the MOSS software threat, click here. If you want to learn more about how Atlas and Webroot can protect your computers, your data, and yes, your family, learn more here or fill out this form:

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