What’s Wrong with Your Phone?

Apr 20, 2022 | Customer Service, Productivity, Reducing Costs, Remote Work, VoIP | 0 comments

If you’re still using a Plain Old Telephone System (or POTS) from Telus, maybe it’s time to consider a new technology. First of all, you’re probably paying more than you should. Plus you get a whole bunch of new features. For example, your POTS can’t:

  1. Send you a voicemail to your email address. This way you get a notification immediately on your cell phone that you have a message but you don’t have to log into just to play messages.
  2. Ring multiple phones at once. Who ever answers the phone first picks up the calls. 70% of callers hang-up if they encounter voicemail. Ensuring that an incoming call is picked up is the easiest first step in converting a new client.
  3. Ring an app on your cell phone—even on a trip to another country. And your POTS can’t allow you to use your business number to make a call from wherever you are—even on a trip to another country. Why should you have to use your personal number when calling a customer?
  4. Put rules around how to manage calls after hours. Maybe you just want to silence the system after closing time, or maybe you need to route it to an emergency on-call number, or a call centre.
  5. Set up a special phone number for feature promotions, marketing campaigns, or different area codes. Use a special number on bus shelter ads or special promotions to determine how effective your advertising dollars are.

Our Voice over Internet (VOIP) system is so easy to setup and manage that about half our customers take care of it themselves. If you can “connect the dots by numbers” or have any experience with building blocks, you can build a dial plan. Just drag the components from the node panel and drag a line to connect them. The image below shows a sample plan for a moderate sized business with the need for after hours on-call support.

Through the end of June, call us for a virtual, personalized demonstration of what VOIP can do for you. We’ll try to make it worth your time.

Dial Plan example

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