Atlas Solutions is now a Google Voice Reseller

Aug 17, 2022 | Digital Workspace, Productivity, Remote Work, Security Products and Services, VoIP | 0 comments

Google Voice is just rolling out to Canada. What is it?

It’s a phone service that integrates with your existing Google Workspace tools and apps.

  • What if you could call or answer your phone from your computer, your tablet, your smartphone, and even a desk phone (if you still want one of those)?
  • What if voicemails were transcribed to text and sent to you as a push notification? No more dialing into your voicemail system.
  • What if 99% of the scam calls you currently receive were filtered out by an AI bot so you only got calls that were meant for You?
  • What if you could call someone by clicking on an email from them, or using your Google Contact list?
  • What if you could route calls to a colleague if you weren’t around?
  • What if your phone went to voicemail automatically when you were in a meeting? No need to set it to mute and then remember to unmute it when you’re done.

Prices start at about $13.32 CAD per user.

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