Accessing Shared Drives on Google Workspace for New Employees

Mar 8, 2023 | Digital Workspace, Instruction | 0 comments

From a web browser, there are 2 ways to access the Shared Drive:

From Gmail or any other Google app, you can access the “Waffle Menu” and simply choose Drive:

Or you can go to to get to the same place. You might want to bookmark this.

From here, you simply choose the Shared Drive that you need to access. If the shared drive does not show up, then you may not have permissions to it. Talk to your manager about getting you the access you need:

Shared Drives are for documents shared across a team or an entire business. “My Drive” is for files that are not yet ready for final sharing (such as a working draft or personal notes). In the Shared Drive, you can see folders, files, and create files and folders or edit existing files.

Downloading and uploading from Google Drive using a web browser can be a hassle but some people don’t mind this.  Google Drive for Desktop extension is available for Windows and Macintosh if you would like Google Drive to feel more like a folder/directory native your own computer. If you want to use this feature, click here: If you want to manage files without using a web browser, you can install Google Drive for Desktop on your computer. Google Drive for Desktop is available for both Microsoft Windows and MacOS. Follow the instructions here:

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