Getting the Most from Telecommuting

Dec 18, 2018 | Cooperation, Digital Workspace, Human Resources, Productivity, Reducing Costs, Remote Work | 0 comments


Telecommuting is growing across North America. Benefits include lower cost for office space and better staff retention. However, many managers and employers remain skeptical of its value.

A study by Glenn Dutcher and Krista Saral from the University of Innsbruck found communication is a key factor in getting the most out of a mobile team. If people working from the office felt remote colleagues were slacking off, they were more inclined to work less themselves. But if these workers trusted that their remote colleagues were hard at work, then they worked harder too.

A digital workspace helps build trust. If employees communicate virtually and in real time, it becomes obvious when remote employees are available and working, or when they are away and maybe folding laundry or walking the dog. In creating virtual teams, employees can work in the way that makes the most sense to them while managers can still monitor their performance. Other team members can also hold them accountable for delivering their assignments and tasks.

If you’re interested in helping your teams become more productive and collaborative–whether remotely or from a centralized office–contact us at Atlas Solutions. We have the tools to empower your company to be more efficient and profitable.

  • Dutcher, E. & Saral, K. (2012) “Does Team Telecommuting Affect Productivity? An Experiment.” Working Papers in Economics and Statistics. 2012(22).

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