Tired of having to pick a password that has at least 8 characters and at least one uppercase, lowercase, digit and special character (but not a / or -) and can’t be any of your past passwords or contain your username, first or last name?

Tired of writing all these passwords down on PostIt notes and sticking them to your monitor (not a practice to be encouraged anyway)?

But what else can we do? Password safes are the answer and the one I’ve fallen in love with is…

A Password Safe is software that runs on your computer, tablet or phone and stores all your passwords in a strongly encrypted manner.  It typically works with web browsers (like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge) so whenever you are faced with a password screen, you only need to remember the password for the safe and the safe loads your identity into the browser.

Some, like LastPass will prompt to save your password when you register on a new site, allow you to unlock the safe with a fingerprint reader, and store all your passwords in an online vault so you can update and access your passwords across all your devices.

LastPass* comes as a free and premium version. In my opinion, the premium version is worth the annual subscription, but you can upgrade from free at any time.

It is much safer than PostIt notes on the back of your monitor and helps protect you from malware such as keystroke loggers. It is definitely more convenient than having to request password resets for forgotten passwords.

* We don’t recommend software or products that we haven’t tried out ourselves. However, we can’t offer any warranty or service level on software or hardware that we don’t sell, distribute, license, or represent. Consequently, please investigate our recommendations with caution and due diligence. They may not be appropriate for you or your business environment. We hope you understand.

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