Paying for Dropbox AND Zoom?

May 20, 2020 | Business, Digital Workspace, Productivity, Reducing Costs, Remote Work | 0 comments

Screen of a Google Meet session on an iPhoneA basic Zoom subscription is $14.99/month. Dropbox is $12.99 (with a yearly commitment). Together, storing your documents in the cloud so your entire team can access them, and video conferencing with clients and colleagues is $28/month/user plus taxes.

Google has just released its “G Suite Essentials Package.” A sub-set of the G-Suite offering, Essentials includes up to 30 Gb in Drive storage, Meet video conferencing software for up to 150 participants with meeting duration up to 24 hours, and a bunch of other tools.
AND the best part is that all of this is free until September 30, 2020 and only $10 CAD/month/active user after that (about a third the price of Zoom and Dropbox together).
AND you only need any business email address to sign-up for it. Sign up on your own at:


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