Looking to Protect Your Data without Upsetting the Apple Cart?

Dec 7, 2021 | Cooperation, Digital Workspace, Productivity | 0 comments

Like many businesses, maybe yours is moving to a permanent Hybrid work environment–one where some people work from home, some out of the office, and possible some work both places or from their neighbourhood Starbucks.

Your documents are on everyone’s computers, being emailed back and forth. Who has the most recent version? And if someone’s computer dies, or a file is accidentally deleted, can you recover?

Of course Google Workspace is a good answer to this problem. But what if you’re not ready to move your email off of Shaw,ca or Yahoo or Telus.net or wherever it is now?

Google Essentials is a great option to consider. Essentials only included the tools that you really need to collaborate:

  • Google Meet for secure video meetings
  • Google Chat for efficient group and direct messaging
  • Google Drive for cloud storage
  • Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides for content creation
  • Jamboard for digital whiteboarding that works with Google Meet
  • Google Tasks for tracking your tasks on your computer or phone

You can leave your email, calendars, and contacts where they are. It’s a ideal solution if you’re a franchisee and your franchisor owns your mail system but you still want to own your own documents. Or if you’re running out of file space or want to ensure that all your documents are backed up without the hassle of external hard drives and file servers.

Ask Atlas for a free consultation to protect your data and help your team work better.

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