Getting the Most from Gmail

Feb 3, 2021 | Digital Workspace | 0 comments

Gmail logoAlmost everyone on the planet has a Gmail account these days. Some people love Gmail; others find it confusing.

One of the best things about Google mail is that it integrates so well with any email software you want: Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Microsoft Mail, even more obscure packages like Thunderbird, Spike or Slack.

But maybe you want to just improve your Gmail skills for when you sit down to a public library internet terminal, or check your mail on your Android device without visiting the Play Store first. In that case, 20 Gmail Hacks to Maximize Productivity on how to configure your Gmail account (or accounts) so that your technology is serving you and not the other way around.

Tips Include:

  1. How to only work out of one inbox
  2. Managing multiple Google accounts on your devices
  3. Keeping a clean inbox
  4. Organize your emails
  5. Make your mailbox super-searchable
  6. Preview messages without having to open them
  7. Block recurring spam
  8. Make a phone call directly from Gmail
  9. Secure your account even if you forget to log out of a friend’s machine
  10. And more…
Download 20 Gmail Hacks

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