Do you Know What a Data Breach Can Cost You?

May 21, 2020 | Security Products and Services | 0 comments

It’s great when our systems work properly, when viruses and malware is kept out, computers don’t crash, and our business location is available and humming smoothly.

Sadly, sometimes things happen to interrupt our business’ normal operations. In a recent study, 96% of businesses have at least one business interruption event within a 3 year period.

The first step in planning for a risk is knowing the cost or impact. But what is the cost of a business interruption? Do you know?

Now you can. Our Business Continuity Calculator lets you play with “What if” scenarios for your business data:

  • What if I back it up once a week? What if I switch to daily backups?
  • What if I only back it up to the cloud? What if I also back up to a local drive?
  • What if it takes me 2 hours┬áto run across town to pick up a backup copy?
  • What if my current backup copy is defective?

Information is power and with this power, you can be more informed of the risks that might someday strike your business.

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