Google Voice is Now Available in Canada

Dec 7, 2021 | Communications, Reducing Costs, Security Products and Services, VoIP | 0 comments

Google Voice is Now Available in Canada!

Google Voice

Google Voice is a low-cost, simple to use, business phone service. Instead of using your personal phone number for business calls, Google Voice gives you a dedicated business number as an app on your smart phone. That way you can answer the phone professionally, transcribe voicemail, and manage auto-attendant functions with Google AI. And it works with your existing Google Workspace account to integrate Contacts, Calendar, and other tools.

Prices start at $12.00/month per user. For solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and solo tradespeople, it’s a great first step to managing work-life balance.

And when you’re ready to outgrow Google Voice, Atlas has full-featured phone systems that support the full range of what your business needs.

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