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How to Charge your Phone for $107 Million

It's as Easy as This... Sometime in late 2019, an employee with the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) plugged a personal device into their work computer to charge it. The device had a file infected with the Ryuk ransomware package. While connected, they opened a...

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New Facebook Phishing Attack Could Fool Many

I just received a Facebook Messenger message from a good friend yesterday. He apparently saw me in a video and thought I'd be interested in watching it. He's a friend who does send me interesting stuff once in a while and there was no reason not to click through....

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3 Things to Watch for in Preventing Business Email Compromises (BEC)

Cyber crime is up during a pandemic and one of the easiest tricks for criminals is to fake or spoof business emails that appear to come from your company. One common technique is known as Business Email Compromise or BEC. The FBI estimates that BEC scams have cost organizations $26 Billion in losses over the past 3 years.

What is BEC? BEC occurs when a cybercriminal is able to use a compromised business email account with the goal of transacting fraud with an unsuspecting employee or vendor. Companies can lose millions with only a few clicks.

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DNS Firewalls: A New Tool to Protect your Business

If your computer connected to a DNS Firewall instead of a regular DNS and you typed in “” (note the missing “u” from “you”), the attack will be thwarted. is a known phishing site that tries to download malware (viruses, worms, ransomware, botnets, etc.) to anyone who mistakenly tries to visit it.

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How Can I Protect Myself from SIM Swapping?

Before we get to "SIM Swapping", two Factor Authentication (or 2FA) is also a term that has been in the news recently. It is a way of securing your email, banking, and social media accounts by requiring you to authenticate using more than one factor to prove your...

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