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Building Trust

There is an Indian proverb: "Trust grows at the rate of the coconut tree and falls with the speed of the coconut." When meeting for the first time with prospective customers, I always start out by asking them about their business. What's the key things that help them...

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Latest in Phone Scams

As a pretty security savvy IT person, "Yours Truly" was almost stung this morning. I answered an incoming cell call from an Ontario phone number. Very quickly, a recorded message began with a North American digitized voice in perfect English telling me that I had 2...

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Wi-Fi 6 Is Here! Should I Care?

Wi-Fi 6 is coming very soon. Why should you care? Your house and smaller office probably runs very well on Wi-Fi 5.1 In that case, don't worry about replacing your routers any time soon. A Look to the Future Wi-Fi 6 is for more demanding uses: Maximum speed should be...

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The Future of Work

With vaccination levels rising (at least across the wealthier nations of the world), life and work will return to normal. Or will it? 30% of American workers say that they'll quit their jobs if they're forced to go back to the office full-time. 71% of white collar...

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Do Our Patching Cycles Need to Change?

Best practice has been to patch systems--both operating systems and applications--every 28-30 days (a month). Some don't even do it this often (as shown by the recent Microsoft Exchange hack). This cycle is based on the practice that Microsoft and other vendors...

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When the Gaming Gets Real

Being a business services company, Atlas doesn't serve a lot of gamers. But sometimes a working parent wants to protect all the computers in their home, not just theirs. Sometimes those computers belong to gamers. And some gamers want to load software that gets around...

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