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Latest in Phone Scams

As a pretty security savvy IT person, "Yours Truly" was almost stung this morning. I answered an incoming cell call from an Ontario phone number. Very quickly, a recorded message began with a North American digitized voice in perfect English telling me that I had 2...

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The Future of Work

With vaccination levels rising (at least across the wealthier nations of the world), life and work will return to normal. Or will it? 30% of American workers say that they'll quit their jobs if they're forced to go back to the office full-time. 71% of white collar...

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When the Gaming Gets Real

Being a business services company, Atlas doesn't serve a lot of gamers. But sometimes a working parent wants to protect all the computers in their home, not just theirs. Sometimes those computers belong to gamers. And some gamers want to load software that gets around...

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What the Heck is Credential Stuffing?

How many passwords do you use? 1? 2? 5? Most people use a small number of passwords over and over again. There are people who only have a single password for every site they visit: email, banking, Canadian Revenue Agency, social media, dating sites--everything. It's...

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Mac Users Don’t Need to Feel Left Out

Mac users have always had less problems with viruses and malware than had Windows users. Much of this is because Windows is more entrenched; if you're a hacker, are you going to write code for 7.6%% of the market that use Macs, or the 92% with Windows? Apple makes it...

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What Makes a Good “Antivirus”?

Viruses and malware is a real and present danger for computers. While most malware is written for Microsoft Windows, Macintoshes are not immune from infections. Typically, computers come with some sort of anti-virus software: Windows Defender (for Windows) or XProtect...

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