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What is Browser Fingerprinting?

Browser Fingerprinting will be a new term to many people. What is it? Browser fingerprinting identifies the computer and web browser you're using. It's a simple as that. A browser fingerprint isn't a cookie. You can control and delete your cookies. Browsers need to...

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Building Trust

There is an Indian proverb: "Trust grows at the rate of the coconut tree and falls with the speed of the coconut." When meeting for the first time with prospective customers, I always start out by asking them about their business. What's the key things that help them...

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Latest in Phone Scams

As a pretty security savvy IT person, "Yours Truly" was almost stung this morning. I answered an incoming cell call from an Ontario phone number. Very quickly, a recorded message began with a North American digitized voice in perfect English telling me that I had 2...

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May the Force Be With You

Star Wars fans recognize this greeting and celebrate it every May 4th. A post-incident assessment of Rogue One's breach of the Galactic Empire's datastore on the planet Scarif was recently conducted. It found a number of critical cyber weaknesses in Imperial Security....

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Do Our Patching Cycles Need to Change?

Best practice has been to patch systems--both operating systems and applications--every 28-30 days (a month). Some don't even do it this often (as shown by the recent Microsoft Exchange hack). This cycle is based on the practice that Microsoft and other vendors...

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