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Lessons from the US Treasury Cyberattack

On December 13, 2020, the US Government announced a major cyberattack on the US Treasury and Commerce departments. When you are a US government department, smaller hackers don't stand a chance against the routine security procedures of these organizations. These were...

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What Can You Do With an Old Computer?

There comes a time when every computer has lived out its usefulness. What to do with old hardware? Manage Your Risks First of all, consider the risks. Running any Windows version earlier than Windows 10 is a huge risk. Older versions of Windows including: 7, Vista,...

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Can You Trust Your Lawyer?

Law firms and lawyers are a profession we sometimes need to rely upon. We depend upon them to manage family matters, custody issues, contract disputes, and criminal matters. Many times, these issues are personally, professionally, or economically sensitive. For this...

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Have You Been Owned/Pwned?

The term "Pwned" comes from video game culture and means "owned" (since the "o" and "p" characters are beside each other on a keyboard). Pwned implies domination, humiliation and ownership by an opponent. It is a taunt that you have been soundly defeated. "Pwned" has...

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