Backup Solutions

We have on-premises and cloud based solutions that will ensure your data is protected for “those times.”

WiFi & Secure Networks

Secure networks for your valuable data and branded guest Wi-Fi can live together.

Telephones and Communications

Phone systems with amazing features that aren’t limited to the office—and at an economical price.

Computer Management

We can remotely monitor and manage your Windows, Macintosh, or Chromebooks to prevent outages.

Digital Workspace

A high performing team can work from anywhere. All you needs are the right tools.

Digital Marketing

We have the partnerships and relationships to get your business the digital attention it deserves.

Need Help Now?

Time is money. We know what a technology problem can mean to your business. We’ll call you back as soon as we can. We know Windows, Macs, as well as Apple, Android and Chromebook devices.

Call now:
+1.587.600.9669, option 9

Atlas is not your typical technology company. We’re out to find solutions for your business that make sense for you.

To a company selling hammers, every customer is looking for a nail. Sure, technology is an important part of making most businesses successful, but far too often salespeople are only interested in recommending the products and services they sell, not the ones you need.

Atlas understands business and we know solutions. Because not every problem requires a technology solution, we are experts at finding elegant, cost-effective non-technical solutions to problems. But if a technical solution makes sense, we’ll find one that works for your company and moves your business forward at a price that makes sense for you.

We have the depth, background, and history to fill the gap between technology and business. We can manage your technology so that you can manage your business.

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